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Despite being a low-class monster and the first enemy, the Slime Girl has the ability to control her body and is also capable of regeneration, proving invulnerable.

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Your companion Slime Girl, Lime, is first encountered in a poison marsh in Iliasville. If you bravely wade into it and carry her out, she'll thank you for it and ask if.

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Slime techniques are usually very simple as attacks generally involve invading or enveloping their prey in their own mass, as the latter is a more reliable way of.

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Slime Bess is a slime-type monster that Luka encounters in Chapter 3. Formerly a subordinate to Erubetie, she betrays her and allies with Black Alice. Monsterpedia Entry. “The Slime Girl is often considered a weak monster, but the ability to freely control the shape of her body can make her a threatening foe.